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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trump’s “Cult-like” Supporters Don’t Care and Neither Do the Republicans

The folks that voted for Trump (otherwise known as The Orange Blob with tiny baby hands) don’t give a good damn that he’s a racist, bloviated, incompetent moron. He’s their white savior who’s going to give them back THEIR country. You know the one they stole from the Indigenous People. I suppose when you’ve been in a position of superiority for centuries, you’re really not looking to give up that position. The folks that saw President Obama as a threat to their way of life, couldn’t wait to vote for the Orange Orangutan. And, some of the idiots say that they would vote for him again...

I don't know why I expected anything different but you would think with all the turmoil that has happened in the last week it would "move the needle" but 45's approval rating has not gone down. It has remained steady. Two of his closest associates (Michael Cohen and Allen Weisselberg) since running for POTUS and ultimately stealing the election have been indicted or given immunity from prosecution.

My concern is the thousands if not millions who really can’t be considered supporters but are just white folks who enjoy their white privilege and think that the Orange Orangutan can make sure they stay on top. Who will save our country? Certainly not the Republicans. WE MUST FLIP THE HOUSE or we are doomed. The Republicans seem to be consumed with greed and power.

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