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Friday, September 14, 2018

The Criminalizing of Botham Jean Begins

This whole story is incredibly sad.  They had Botham Jean’s funeral yesterday… 
“To know Botham was to love Botham. He was the light in a dark room,” said pastor Michael Griffin, who met Jean at Dallas West Church of Christ. “Bo made us all better. Bo didn’t see color, he saw love.” (

Not so coincidentally, and shortly after the funeral, an affidavit was released stating that the police were searching his apartment for drugs.

Why was the Dallas Police Department executing a search warrant for drugs in his apartment. Then, I read that they found (or planted) a small amount of marijuana (pot, weed, happy cigs) Why is this even a thing?

What I am seeking to understand is why you need to search a murder victim’s home for drugs in the first place? What are they looking to do, defame the young man’s character? He was an innocent victim. He was in his home, minding his own business until this lying “heffer” invaded his space and murdered him.
Why does it seem as though when a person of color, particularly a black man is MURDERED, the police, the media and any and everybody else wants to drag the innocent victim’s name through the mud? Could it be that it’s clear to most everyone without the racial bias that the MURDERER IS WRONG but they have to justify letting them go free for their wrongdoing. No, we can’t let the little white princess go to prison for killing the big, weed-smoking, black man.  After all, he has to have some type of criminal activity in his past… “don’t they all…?” 
"Evidence from Botham Jean’s apartment supports Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger’s account that she shot Jean from across the room as she stood inside his apartment door," two law enforcement officials with direct knowledge of the case told The Dallas Morning News. (https://www.dallasnews)
Let that sink in...

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